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Pain Institute of Central California is the premier pain management and regenerative medicine practice in Central California. Our medical practice uses a multi-disciplinary approach to identification, diagnosis, and treatment of patients’ pain using the most advanced techniques, including the use of PRP and Stem Cell therapy. Our goal is to provide relief of pain, prevent long-term disability, and to return the individual to their maximal activity level. Pain Institute of Central California prides itself on individualized care using state-of-the-art minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic treatments. Our trusted and knowledgeable providers are here to help.




We live and practice in Bakersfield, our doctors are truly a part of the community and care about each patient individually. Our office is comfortable, clean, spacious and welcoming. Our staff is well trained, friendly and understanding. Our physicians have been trained in the United States and have excellent communication skills to better determine your source of pain. We don't believe in making our clients wait. Our doctors will see you within 15 minutes of your appointment on average. Our facilities are state of the art and equipped with our very own in house surgery center for all of our minimally invasive procedures. Because we are a referral based practice, our company has an incentive to offer the best service to our patients, to maintain our outstanding reputation. Contact us today and see why the Pain Institute of Central California is the gold standard in pain management!

A. Palencia M.D.

C. Fischer M.D.

K. Isenman, PA-C

M. Hartshorn, NP


Pain Institute of Central California is the largest and most established pain management provider of the San Joaquin Valley and has been operating in Bakersfield since 1992. The practice focuses on delivering the least invasive, highest standard of care to improve outcomes, quality of life, functional capacity, and comfort for patients who are suffering from pain caused by acquired or congenital conditions. Our clinic is not a “pill-mill” practice. Our healthcare providers believe in minimal reliance on oral pain medications in order to prevent long-term dependence. The emphasis at Pain Institute of Central California is diagnosing and treating patients’ conditions for the purpose of achieving long term results, as opposed to simply medicating their symptoms. The clinic’s goal is to offer patients quality healthcare in a professional manner through the use of a multi-disciplinary approach.


As a premier provider of pain management services, Pain Institute of Central of California uses cutting-edge medical technologies and, as such, our providers have incorporated the use of regenerative medicine in resolving our patients’ pain problems.  The successful use of PRP and Stem Cell treatments in our patients led to the establishment of Bakersfield PRP, the first practice in Kern County dedicated solely to regenerative medicine.


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We confidently recommend our Partner Company for you MRI studies. This technology is also extremely beneficial for evaluating spine and weight bearing joints to help us provide you with optimal diagnoses and care.


The Stand-Up MRI offers a choice of many different positions, and will be able to scan you in the position that will provide us with the most and best diagnostic information possible. Because of its special design, where there is nothing directly over your head or in front of your face.


We trust you will find the scanner to be very open and very comfortable. Our experience has shown that patients strongly prefer to be scanned upright rather than lying down.

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